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The best way to learn Swedish

Build your Swedish language skills with proven pedagogics, teaching strategies and practices. JC Learning applies a proven pedagogical model that promotes learning from a second- and foreign language perspective, providing individually designed courses and materials for all levels and needs. We apply the latest and highest credited literature and language tools to help you learn Swedish in the most optimal way.


JC Learning adheres to the European Framework of Reference for Languages, designing lesson plans according to a common scale for language learning and the six recognised levels:  A1-C2. This framework is applied to Swedish for Immigrants (SFI), Swedish as a Second Language (SAS) Up to University level.

One to one online courses

All courses can be customised to individual needs and skill levels.

The beginner course applies for A1-A2 level (SFI-course B-C). On this course you will learn essential grammar, phrases and vocabulary to help you get started with Swedish.

  • Basic phrases and vocabulary for situations in everyday life.

  • Basic grammar such as word order, verb tenses, forms of the nouns, pronouns, adjective forms, prepositions and conjunctions.

  • Prosody, language melody, vowel- and consonant sounds.

  • Writing short texts.


We offer all new students a free 30 minutes consultation lesson before purchasing a lesson or package.

Per lesson

  • 30 min = 35 €
  • 45 min = 48 €
  • 60 min = 60 €
  • 90 min = 85 €

Package prices

  • 10X30 min = 300 €
  • 10X45 min = 440 €
  • 10X60 min = 550 €
  • 10X90 min = 800 €

We offer bookings Monday-Sunday Central European time (CET) 8.00-18.00.
Contact us to book your preferable time.